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Select one or all of 7 amazing new worlds to explore and play!

Nazareth villageNazareth village name

Learn about Jesus’ Childhood & Family

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Sailing in galileeSailing in galilee name

Learn about Jesus’ Life & Teachings

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My parish familyMy parish family name

Learn about the Church and the Sacraments

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Shamrock isleShamrock isle name

Learn about St. Patrick and the Holy

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Avila s castleAvila s castle name

Learn about St. Teresa of Avila and Prayer

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Michael s battlefieldMichael s battlefield name

Learn about Heaven, Angels and the Saints

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Frassati peakFrassati peak name

Learn about the Beatitudes and Friendship

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Packed with more than a hundred learning activities such as coloring pages, word searches, and crossword puzzles, children are sure to grow in love and knowledge of God.